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How to Take the Perfect Shot on Instagram while Traveling?

The perfectly-cropped shots of Switzerland’s mountains, Brooklyn’s sunsets and sandy landscapes of Bora Bora are some of the common stuffs you can see in Instagram feeds of traveling geeks. General public can easily get surprised with glossy perfection of travel instagrammers. You may naturally want to capture moments on your own trip. Here are the tips to get your smartphone photo stand out of the crowd.

Consider Your Device

iPhone’s camera is very versatile. Most of the photos are clicked with iOS camera app. It is the fastest app as it is positioned just on the lock screen. You can capture short-lived, precious memories before anyone turns their camera on. To capture vast, wide landscape and scenery, you are recommended to turn Panorama mode on. For quick and consistent shots, turn Burst mode on. Hold down the shutter button a bit. Hold on and tap the screen to lock exposure and focus. While clicking people in daylight, turn the flash on to keep their faces from looking dark.

Focus on Subject

You can touch the screen to focus on a particular subject on most smartphones. It can increase the depth of field in an image. Be sure to get closest to the subject to add more depth when focusing.

Lighting is Important

If you want softer lighting, you may prefer shooting on the evening and on early morning. It can be the best way to create silhouettes.

Capture the Shots Horizontally

When it comes to take shot with Smartphone, do it in horizontal position. You need to get the most of scenery. To take a best picture, don’t care about getting dirty. Look for new angles to get the best shot of scenery, from high, from the ground, or over the river or canal. You may want to go where others avoid going.

Use Third-Party Apps

If you know about editing your photo or how to post process, you will never take the worst photo. Not all professionals adjust their pictures or tweak to make a nice shot excellent. It needs to apply on pictures that are captured by your phone camera. You may find lots of editing apps that are available. Snapseed and PS Express the most popular apps.

Play with Natural Elements

Sunrays, clouds, birds etc. are the nice elements of nature and they come out perfectly in picture. Go out, take a quick walk and make the most of storm and rain. You can add pure magic to the pictures with their reflections.